General Tips

General Vaastu Tips:


  • Plot size should be either square or rectangular (1:2) in shape
  • Hang some nature’s beautiful picture or any picture which is most loving to you so when you waken up in morning from bed you have a glimpse of that (pics shouldn’t be of people in heavenly abode).
  • Should leave some soiled area for planting trees or flowers in peripheri of your plot. If have Flat then put some flowers plants in balcony
  •  There should be more open space in East and North directions compare to West and South directions
  • Slop of building should be towards North East not towards south west.
  • South and West should be higher and heavier compare to North and East directions
  • The staircase should not be in the North east side.
  • The underground water tank should be in Northeast side.
  • The overhead water tank should be in the Southwest corner.
  • Toilets can be constructed in Northwest or West but should never be constructed in the Northeast.
  •  Kitchen or toilet should not be under the stairs.
  • Basement should be constructed in the East, North and Northeast portions of the proposed building.
  • The beam should not run above the beds & study tables.
  • There should be lower plants in North and Eastern Area whereas in West and South we may plant higher growth plants.
  • Steps of Stairs  should be in odd numbers
  • Windows and doors in house should be in even nos.
  • There should not be three nos of doors in a row.
  • Shoes and broom etc should not be visible either from main door or at entrance.