Why Oil Massage not to do on…..

Every day has been named which represents its respective Planet.  Anything either good or bad in excess is not good for health it should be in balance. All over the world Days have been accepted as in Hindu mythology and named accordingly. Sun is the main source of heat and energy on earth, which gives life to nourish the nature and humans. Till this heat in our body is at a limited temperature it is good but if it raises in our body or lower to a certain limit both the conditions are harmful. Heat in body controls  “Pitta”  in easy language digestion, dis- balance of which brings lot of diseases as per Ayurveda. On Sunday Sun is comparatively more powerful as this day is named on Sun, massaging on this day results in excess of body heat which may develop skin diseases  and in-digestion.

Similarly Tuesday is named after Mars Planet which is dark red in colour having an  impact on our blood which is red too. World wide in astrology mars is associated with blood. Massaging on Tuesday increases the blood pressure. So should be avoided.

However if it is necessary to have massage on these days then our shastra have suggested the remedy that if massaging on Sunday put some Rose Petals, and on Tuesday putting some sieved soil  shall prevent from the negative effects of oil massage.