Nameology Services

Numerology, nameology, phrenology, hebrew pyramid numerology and name chart are the five aspects of numerology. These five aspects should coincide with the date of birth, the destiny number and the  Life Path number. Again as per astrology, the name number should coincide with the date of birth, fate number, lagna and the rasi as well. It should also coincide with or be in compatible terms with lord of lagna and rasi, so that one can live their life as per their expectations and achieve the desired goals and  wishes in any part of the world.

The secret is to use the science of nameology to tempt fate and to encourage positive flow of energy into our lives. If the name number is set according to date of birth, fate number, lagna as well as rasi, the struggles in life can be minimized and at the same time stress and stain can be reduced to a great extent. One point that our subject experts constantly make is not to call people by their nicknames as every name has its own Positive and Negative vibrations.